So Disposed Intimacy by Catherine Imbriglio

after G.C. Waldrep

The wave's existence does not depend on its being experienced by a conscious subject.   The seaweed's existence does not depend on its being experienced by a conscious subject. Blue whale breath seeks ant mortician does depend on voluminous experiences with a conscious subject.   When the harbor clown seals up, the seals seal up.  Is this perseveration, is this a holding.  

For many days I wondered about my water retention. Blue whale breath greets ant mortician.  Mindful awareness of the sea to which you are holding requires a left and right hemisphere, requires a coping. This one is sweeping and that one is leaping.  If you get my drift is there an intimacy, is there a bend in the cooperative eye to see if an other is unfolding.  This is an elision.  This is an evening. This is a floating. 

Match a red herring with three other red herrings to swim to the next level, let’s call it “component parts of ocean.”  Are you suspicious of flowerlike animals, are you suspicious of the rock-clinging scarlet psolus.  In the cooperative eye there is this arabesque, there is this neural mission for species lumping.  Blue whale breath freaks ant mortician.   Can you name ten taxonomic categories that could benefit from  “move it along” transpositions.    Is there a need to mention the returning soldier.   

Put your fingers here.  Is this the right spot.  No here, put them here. Where does the comb jelly come from, what are its digestive patterns, how far in its comings and goings. We interrupt this interruption for the sake of groping.  Let’s not get carried away with the more or less tractable sea inhabitants, the water’s being or not being fungible.  Blue whale breath breeds further ant morticians. Here we go barging in.  How could you not detect a pattern of clowns inside the book of numbers.

What is touch.  A touch can be a suspect, can be a blowhole, can be a snuggling.  Blue whale death yields to ant morticians. If even a tube worm can be expressed as a numeric function, what is war, war is an undeciding factor, in war there is an enumerated body outnumbered by a cast of mechanisms.  So might you insert an electronic chip to transfer mindfulness to the ensuing bacteria.  Will the culprit be in this one or that one.  Can you reinstall to one more intimate promise.  In this the culprit.  I doubt it.  No.