Lunge Intimacy by Catherine Imbriglio

Like a river drawn down to clown pathographies:
what one cannot smell out one may smell into:

As if in another: world: as if in your own world's: value space: there: might like: recasting that pig:  its lungs its snout: spread cahoots with: breaking: laws of scale: post: clown force winds: post: down on farm alley:  energy but indifferent energy: you hoot you hinge: wild nurse to: manured old soul: might like: clown lip clown doxology: relationship status: goats: to wall in wall out: not the first: not the last: to go down with: phantom body: let horseflies: lunge under: lunge over: it

Whatever: viral musters is viral touched: whence: solitude: whence: communication:  hash sentiment: hash olfactory: with burred left leg: go nosey on down: past: last raw ledge: past: last raw hill: until: to bind: retrace: bootscent: odor receptor: wild pear: milkweed: thistle: befriend malva: befriend mud: for when you: fields to river: lunge fête: lunge asymptote: lunge alternate ways of: crabappling it:

But when at bottom: helper clowns: pop up: clutch: as at: your river face your: river  throat: how to: brakescent: clown divisions: clown accrualbooks: from whence this world's: cowpaths thickets allergens: stink: expand: stir up: with whole farm dues: at which: beyond: your indwelling out your: indwelling in: lunge: clown purposes: clown indexicals: