On-Off Switch by James Grinwis

(SPST= Single Pole, Single Throw: allows current to flow only when it is in the closed (on) position)

Turn ons and turn offs and turnarounds and how it goes for the one sullen with ache when he is driving. Culs-de-sac that have missed their culs, routes that suddenly change when I put my wheels onto them. Look, it is how a howler monkey may lose its howl when snared in the jaws of a wildcat or a rope. It is how the gate may open or it may close and how it is in my memory that when I try something new it is always good, though hardly ever do I try something new, preferring it appears to deteriorate inside the balance that I may have achieved, only to think it could be thus and thus and thus, the way it is when one decides to live a long time inside a singularity of determination or thought.