Ode to Anal by David Kruger

See, the light; the angled pink
of any day beyond the hills.

See, the first flit of the first flight.
Curious engine of cuticled lift

that whirls circuitous. Here, moods
of carnival and the openly carnal.

See, the insert but lightly.
See, math if half

a parabola sans apogee. Spare
the apology. If digitate,

see the favorable parable,
you piggy on the pork

you pillow bite for
The butte of it. The blueshift

of wounds sewing inward
with car times carnations,

the rhododendron rodeo to azalea
and allium. See, nosegay

for small bouquet. See, faux zebra,
hoax mink, the tiger,

and supplicant lynx. There
are no strangers only halos.