from The Martini Mansion by Brian Waniewski

4. Synopsis

Ephebe me sir too
Artless I
A vampire game
Virgin nymph, tiddledywinks
If I the cup be
Quickie corn-
Fed, athletic, willing, dumb
Hunky waiter awaits
His tipping, come
Ingénue do coup
De théâtre dance
For you &
Your friends too, at last
The opera game—

In blues & golds two meet and stage-crossed sing the sailor of his ship
Its ports & precious exploits unnumbered be he but woe exhausted
Fervor flown limbs grown old tho’ in his voice the sea
Longs she in too rigid low registers
To see, to see—the sea, the sea
Refrain will make them love to
Rue too much the future
Failed in
Far-aways, ever-afters & once-upon-a-times
His blood did come seeing her to stop,
Slow boil, the vessel smoldered
As they sailed, beauty bought but once her suffering & sailor too
Dry-docked at sea—

Elsa, he cries for his cocktail friends
Flourishing, Patrokylus, Ganymede,
We in need of olives & ice & an ass:
All laugh as I hightail out it shaking
Spiteless, drowned: the perfect part.

Later prone at my feet does he play?
If I scrape & screech & diva downfalls
If I refuse but for doom prop the forest
If I look long in the shining silvery waters
If I touch naught, untouched
The story goes

Then stops.
Why am I still here?