Kosmimaphobia by Denise Jarrott

Claw clasp,
           lobster clasp,
collar, brace-
           let. Animal
clicks into
the sleeve, and
feeds on the
           body heat:
           neckline, press-
           ure points, pulse
           points. Mood ring
shifts from blue
to black. Blood
reveals its
           nature. Blue
           for romance.
           Black for fear.
Stone for stone,
chain for chain
hoop for hoop
and pin for
           pin. Ruby
           for mistress,
           diamond for
bride. It will
switch to pearl
in time. How
           the stone is
           replaced. I
was two, and
it began
with buttons,
           two: bright in
           a line. Two
           by two. By
and by, next
it was rhine-
stones that froze
           the spine, next
           my mother’s mother’s pendant
           how it swung: an heirloom pen
           -dulum clock, in response to
           father’s father’s watch, belted
           to the wrist and the sound
           wouldn’t stop.
           Next was the
private eye,
           trap their hair
           in the lock-
           et’s frame. So,
excuse me
while I set
my death watch
           to the hour
           and hold it
           to my ear:
hear the tick,
the lifting
of the skirts,
           the turning
           of the lock.
           I’ve waited
for a promise
I could keep in
           a heart-shaped
Remove your
ring, or slide
it to the
           other side.
           of gestures,
glinting and
gilt. Bevel
-cut sapphire,
           pear emerald,
           fat on the
           ear of the party.
Such strife, be
they given
or denied,
           and end fixed
           inside glass,
           in pawn shops.
these things can
be kept, or