Don’t Wait by Meredith Blankinship

for me to alter your 
chemical makeup 
as punishment I will bike 
to your house
lay my clothes on 
the floor. Dont wait to lash 
yourself to a 
silence. Dont wait for 
the car to pull in
to the drive. Dont
drop the phone. I
smell like a campfire
with these clothes on. 
Dont listen to me. Dont
drink that poison. 
Dont wait for me to 
dry the stains
from each nickel in
your coin purse each
gravid tooth in your head.
Dont wait for me
to come inside. I will 
degenerate in 
the face of my contemptible 
tracing. Dont wait for 
motion to cultivate 
speed to blur
to crystal. To salt. 
Like a mind in a salt, 
mine. Dont wait 
for me to be fed. 
I will be 
waiting to be fed.