Mine by Jessica Laser

Someday, a house with dimmers.
Apply me season.
Hibernation hereto emergent.
Well out front to draw synthetic
Water from, syntax
Ranges folio roam
Indigenous dignities
Discovered under
Arrhythmic material
Waste. Slept-thru.
I to unquilt the bedsheet.
I to rip the tranquil noon.
Dayquil, Nyquil, dawn, torch, twilight,
Making of day a night, and night.
Grip her at the waist, brother,
Don’t bother. Her waist isn’t there.
Stands behind. Zip me?
The gentleman doesn’t.
Then clasp the bridle.
In base or front? The gentlemen
To no avail. Our glass mountain
Crumbles briefly.
Place is itself an energy
Nested in ore.

Who will mine.
Grasping the mountain’s being
Atop it. Thrush. Thus. Trust. That’s
Our sentry’s overhang, hung to keep
The watcher wet. Mine shackles
Rust. Mine in any weather
And though it doesn’t change
It’s just as predictable
As that above ground.
Uh. Yeah. I brought my urn
For the rain. I brought my urn—
For the rain. And my proof watch
And my eyes prove
But therein a sea
And all a sea is is a face
In mutable expression.