Frame by Montreux Rotholtz

Program B looked like the bigger loss;
how it’s asked can make a maxim,
Program A looked like a sure loss.
To cross-examine a witness:
stress the issue as “losing something.”
Put more accurately, inlaid in wood,
the two sets of options are the same.
Program A means that 200 people will live and 400 will die.
Try a subtle form, a sleek one, but never ask a question
if the question mentions a dollar amount of aid or
asks about the epidemic especially
if the answer is unknown.
Pre-persuasion was then more persuasive.
Program B results in a one-third chance that no one will die
and 600 people will live, and a two-thirds
chance that no one will be saved and 600 people will die.
The museum of glass and cedar is steep on all sides
and contains representations of representations of salmon,
stylized to be beautiful. Never ask a question
more artful than the answer that’s wanted.
Go in the front door and left, enter the totem room
where here and there are trees as tall as a wrist.