from Interview with a Saint by Joshua Caffrey

Int.: [adjusting microphone] Are we on? Okay. Maybe we can start with your childhood?
A: It was pretty typical. My mother had religious iconography all over the house, so
that one day a flock of blackbirds took from a field and I saw them as crucifixes 

A: It was the day lead was pouring from the sky,
    And her head turned to razor wire.
Int.: Meteorites?
A: Maybe  that doesn’t account for her head.

            It’s coming back to me now. She was wearing
a wedding dress, like a white Sanctus bell in a field. Time
stopped when a chunk of lead collided with her head.
Int.: Was this some kind of dream or vision you had?
A: I can’t remember anymore. Even when I’m not dreaming
    I need to believe that I am.