from 25-cent CASH by Jerimee Bloemeke

I could not find what I wanted to excerpt and italicize.
/ we were at the pier concert with all the concertgoers
pointing at us and the stars as if saluting their fuehrer
in a nonjudgmental way, the sun was setting
behind the stage, sunset sky colors were inspir-
ational, the Endeavor was gray, a floating zeitgeist.
/ we went to the Golden Unicorn via elevator. A 3rd
floor restaurant after lunch, a table of women
speaking at hi volume, white tablecloth and chandeliers.
CNN was on, great white sharks and dying children.
Each chair was covered by satin golden cloths and
the water glasses were stuffed with specially folded
red reusable napkins. Outside, European tourists
smoked the thinnest cigarettes. Tickets required to view
the 9/11 memorial, two square holes in the ground
with waterfalls into them as illustrated on the brochure.
There was a feeling that, if we were better…
The police line up below Freedom Tower in silence.
1,776 future feet of building will shadow the World
Financial Center building where, in the Winter Garden
there was a free Oneohtrix Point Never concert.
And the sun sets again over the Hudson, ripples undulate
the pink, green and blue stage lights on a backdrop
as time lapse like the aurora borealis; into the wind
inebriated by the composition’s loop, having almost
memorized the progression. –– –– –– –– –– –– –– ––