Does Not Know One's Way About in Intempesta Nocte by Jared Joseph

tge ub-flowing & out of the muttering
babling & muttering & babeling & muttering & schmetterling

& patting & buttering low-lying book

in a piece & quiet as Heimlich as this.

in among the unstained, pucker’d inferiors

the informers i suspect among my lovers

& forebears’ interiors

of being unheimlich

of being unheimlich

i maneuver cannily among the Heimlich amateurs.

pleasant aromatics of the fragrant Heimlich corridors

incenses the lord so great & Heimlich

when a man feels truly Heimlich in his heat with a woman

maneuver & shake her

coy into myself

the heimlich’t sighs

do not feel quite Heimlich in your have.

sighs & Heimlich weapons

are grown in the deep earth weeping Heimlich

the automata deceitful, & the roots’ heave

are hidden gold of my sweet Heimlichkeit.

Bees who make golden looks among the fleee

of gruesome fleeced Heimlich beasts

beeswarm like a stone image.

a stone image kneels down stares

a secret air flims thru my Heimlich timely

i decorate heimlichtly with traps

i lick your traps off.

i call it lingerie x & i call your number

the uncountable rote divine

sources, holiest tears

soirees, i Heimlich begrind your ribs i hunt the hind

& theme it into pits

what manner of fruit did you pluck & had bitten?

was it Heimlich above the top smuttering branches

hidden by the epileptic ich

like a rove or a party or an afterparty on the sea

or an afterthought, after though

Heimlich meetings & accoutrements in the void

with Heimlich i believe in mind.

Undo the hand of understanding, i vomit off

& throw up your pink lady stuff in my bend

& me will wake wayward figures on the copy

& me will walk waxen figures ‘pon the coy syncopy

maneuvering earth magic arts

have & mind

secret & bitten

hid which doesn’t self-matter

hide roses round my thighs & thought