The Descendant by Sara Deniz Akant

we counted on the crossbills, for hours, on 
end. long before the text had fallen, it had
bordered on the grounds. black larches, those 
jackdaws, lets assemble such avengers. in this 
scheme, all the while, we are working one-to-one.

in this scheme, all the while, had we any hope
for a descendant. paved the way for squirrels
and organs, the final stages of such fade. the more
(or less : the almost) of those who still, traversing. 
as history recounts that, at the center of this mound.

at the center of this mound, this world will touch
with others. fast away inside a pillow, the outer
stages of such flight. some bits of lint to ripen, one
distinguished from the rest. massed to form a sort
of sample, since we were no longer alive.

the sentence has been carried out. the incubation,
staged. to call on outer fringes, to sort or brace 
our finds. the night-nurses pressed together while
we boxed up rubber bands. drove this way
through naked vistas, still unbroken from the fog.