Questions about B. by Daniel Poppick


I would like to tell you it is coming, frost and what
The porch light does to her
Lawn, it is midnight and the orchard is almost

Hilarious with swerve, I am trying
To tell the truth, so
Far that isn’t happening, forgive me once again


In truth I would like to tell you that in the evenings Bernice
Sits in a chair of red birds, watches


Opera sitting in glass        
                                Chairs, with their easy reason
D'êtres in consensus with her fingers, I welcome

As many interruptions as you need to know me
Crooked as alphabets and not leaving, like


Cardinals, and Bernice I have no idea how
Not to be certain the fruit trees are radios, tell me
How you know your blood is glowing when your skin is oak


To tell you the frost is already happening and allow one
Cigarette for the occasion, on another
                                                          Night I would have

Refrained and would like to tell you I did not let smoke
Touch pavement or
                              Birds Bernice, I am trying not to
Tonight through megaphones of pollen, yours or anyone’s