Coral Ration Not Causation translated by Jeff Nagy

“So we’ll go no more a-lekking,”
bubbled some cichlids.
“Lake Victoria’s receding
beneath a sandy lid.”

“Who gives a thought to lekking,”
Victoria snapped back,
“when the sun your castles hardens
into boils on my back?”

“So we’ll go no more a-lekking,”
explained the CEO,
“for they’ve frozen up my checking
and I cannot buy you blow.”

“If we’ve finished with a-lekking
then I withdraw my hand;
without your bank deposits,
I don’t want your wedding band.”

“So we’ll go no more a-lekking,”
said the penguin to his mate,
“because we penguins mate for life
and you seem adequate.”

“So I’ll go no more a-lekking,”
bugled mournfully the buck.
“Though I’m still extremely horny,
there’s just no one left.”

“So we’ve been no more a-lekking,
exposed these dreary thousand years.
The rainy forum’s empty
and we statues waste our tears.”

(from the French of René Crevel from the English of Lord Byron)